What are your business hours?

SNOWYWISP is open 24/7 for online orders. For customer service inquiries, custom orders and more, please contact me here: aggiebun@hotmail.com at any time and I’ll reach back to you as soon as I can.


What is your exchange or return policy?

Please visit here to view the returns and exchange policy.


Are sale items refundable/How do I know which items are on sale?

Sale items or items purchased during a sale are not refundable. To find out if an item is on sale, it will be in the title and the description. If you’re unsure your item was on sale during purchase, you can always contact me (aggiebun@hotmail.com) with your order # or it can be found in your e-mail containing your order #.


I didn’t get an e-mail confirmation or a shipping confirmation. What do I do?

Always check your email’s spam folder first. The email used during checkout should be the email to receive any and all information. If all else fails, feel free to contact me with what you ordered and I’ll use my detective skills to deduce which email is yours and give you all the information you need as well as resend all up-to-date information to your email.


I used the wrong email/shipping/info/etc during checkout. What happens now??

If you noticed any information is wrong but too late on your end, please contact me (aggiebun@hotmail.com) immediately so I can fix this. I’ll definitely need to request information from you as proof first, such as what you ordered and any specific information pertaining to the order.


Can I have my order held?

Absolutely! I hold orders indefinitely and won’t charge for holding them either. (weird to mention, I know, but I’ve heard of some stores that charge to hold your items?? Blegh.) Just please don’t forget to contact me for when you’re ready to receive them. 🙂


What if my order is returned to sender?

If your order ends up in my hands again, fret not. I will definitely ship it back to you at no cost!


I ordered a custom piece but not sure how to reach you.

If you ordered a custom piece, (or anything at all) you should be able to leave notes and specific information for me, however, if you’re unsure how to do this, that’s okay! Just email me (aggiebun@hotmail.com) with your order # and let me know what you want and I’ll be sure to reach out to you!


Speaking of custom pieces, do you take art commissions?

Yes! You can go into “ORIGINAL ART” and see there is a CUSTOM ART order. I only have 5 of them opened per month most times. It really depends on how fast I can get it done. If it is currently OUT OF STOCK, please feel free to just check back by the 1st of the new month or follow me on any of my socials for updates on this!


My piece broke or needs adjusting. Are you able to fix it?

I can only actually fix items if it’s within 14 days of you receiving your item, depending on the damage and if it’s something you can fix yourself but don’t have the extra pieces, I may be able to mail you the pieces such as, a clasp broke off of a necklace or a piece of jewel is missing, if it’s a bigger issue, you can definitely mail the piece back to me for repair, after the 14 days it is no longer my responsibility. If your piece is a custom order, you have 30 days instead and you can mail it back to me so I can fix it, if it’s outside of the 30 days then it is also out of my hands.


Can I request a custom piece that’s not even listed as an option on your site?

This may be hard, all of my jewelry is only really on my site because I have a limited supply of it and I use it to create the pieces that I do have listed. However, if you see particular piece of jewel that you want attached with two other pieces you saw somewhere on my site along with a specific length and type of chain, then by all means, feel free to contact me (aggiebun@hotmail.com) for any inquiries on the matter and I’ll see what I can do.