“The Witch’s Familiar”


These cute chibis of Witchy Familiars are printed on a clear acrylic sheet averaging 2x2inches, all feature a cute little pentagram and the backing is secured with two double pins to ensure security!!

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The Witch’s Familiar is an acrylic pin and each pin features its own unique cute chibi design of a cat, a wolf, a bat, an owl and a raven!

The pins come with a cute little pentagram attached and are secured by two rubber pin backs so there’s extra security when you either show off your cute little familiar or showcase it at home!

They all average around 2×2 inches, not including the little pentagram.


Please note, 3 of 5 of the designs, specifically the cat, wolf and raven were printed much darker than they should have been and since all of them are like this because I wasn’t informed by the manufacturer, I’ve reduced the price from normally being $7 each to $5 each instead.

I hope you still find them adorable and want to take one home to show off to your witchy and non-witchy friends. <3

The Familiar

Raven, Cat, Wolf, Owl, Bat


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