I offer free adjustments and fixes on items up to 14 days after your item has been marked as delivered. After the 14 day mark, your piece is 100% in your hands and not mine. I am not obligated to fix it or mail you any missing pieces if there are any or offer a refund.

Returns on custom orders
If your item is a custom order, you have 30 days after your item has been marked as delivered to request any fixes, adjustments and so on. There are no refunds or exchanges allowed on custom orders.

There are three stages to my commissions. The Sketch (stage 1) The Line Work (stage 2) and The Colors (Stage 3). During STAGE 1 you can request a full refund, during STAGE 2 you can only request a partial refund, during STAGE 3 no refunds are available.

  • During Stage 1, I can still salvage my paper and there are chances I haven’t poured 5 hours or more into the piece yet. Therefor I will offer a full refund.
  • During Stage 2, there’s a huge chance I can’t salvage my paper and make a blank canvas like I can with stage 1 but I haven’t completely inked it yet so there are chances I can still use it. The partial refund will be taken into account with the materials used and time spent.
  • During Stage 3, the colors have begun and there is no going back. You can only accept it and get your commission anyway or you can refuse to receive it but you won’t be getting a refund.


Refund & Exchanges

You’re eligible for a refund or an exchange within the 14 days of receiving your item. 

For refunds:
you must send the piece back to me, only after I receive the piece I will issue a refund. REFUNDS are only allowed on pieces that either arrive damaged, have been damaged under the 14 day limit or are no longer desired within the 14 days.

For exchanges: exchanges are only available to items that have been damaged upon arrival or if you just wish to get a different piece, if it is the latter, you’re only allowed a limit of one exchange per piece, such as: if you receive an item, but a week later decide you want to exchange it for a different piece from my store, you can exchange it but once you receive your second item, you can no longer exchange it for something else. Please note that if your piece is damaged then keep in my mind a lot of my pieces are unique and cannot be exchanged for the same exact item.
IF you are exchanging a piece, you can only exchange it for a piece of the same price or higher. I will also require some information before an exchange is agreed upon.

To complete any refunds, returns and exchanges, I will require a proof of purchase or a receipt.

For any item that is being returned, refunded or exchanged, you are responsible for the shipping costs of your item(s). Shipping costs are non-refundable and will be deducted from your refund.

If your piece is worth more than $50, I highly suggest getting a trackable shipping service and adding shipping insurance. I cannot guarantee to receive your item and without your item I can’t offer a return, refund or exchange.